Pássaro de fogo

Pássaro de fogo

Figura mitológica descrita pelos gregos. O pássaro de fogo era uma ave que ardia quando sucumbia e que a partir das próprias cinzas renascia com penas douradas e brilhantes. Mas a realidade é outra, como provam momentos do renascimento de um pássaro de fogo a libertar-se das cinzas, num bailado de formas, provando que é real!


Mythological figure described by the Greeks. The firebird was a bird that burned when it succumbed and that reborned from its own ashes with golden, shiny feathers. But the reality is different, as proved by the moments of the rebirth of a firebird that frees itself from the ashes, in a ballet of shapes, proving that it is real!

Published by

Rafael Peixoto

I am a freelance photographer, image dependent. Technical drawing architectural and engineering.

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