When publish and share with our friends, those who follow what we do, and also mean those who appreciate what we publish without putting the coveted “like”, we forget that they also like to share. Unfortunately, there is no ability to follow all with the same attention, but it never hurts to spend some time with these friends as we like to share a little about yourself. That’s why I decided to share on my blog a little of what my friends do, because behind every publication, often cold, is a human being who takes the world without charging anything in return, just for the satisfaction of feeling that there are people in the world who like what feels and shares.
Intend to repeat this gesture, not as a way to gratify you, but because I also like showing the world. May be the same or other, but I do not discriminate anyone, but obviously will do with those who are closest to me. The request will not do it because if I share what my friends publish is because I like and not because they want to publish. This will of all who follow me my friends, although a virtual bit, but they are real human beings who allow virtual friends there.
However thank for his words of thanks of those who decided to do and hope to continue to contribute my publications for those who like what I do.
A well there to you all!

Published by

Rafael Peixoto

I am a freelance photographer, image dependent. Technical drawing architectural and engineering.

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