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Cold air in the moat

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Cold air in the moat

The ducks floating and basking

In the weak sunlight

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Carta de queja de un niño a Santa Claus

El espacio de Chus

Carta de queja de un niño a Santa Claus

Carta de queja de un niño a Santa Claus

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California’s Wild Zebras & Elephant Kids~

What, you didn’t know California had wild Zebras? Well, don’t feel bad, neither did I, until I saw them grazing with the cows on the side of the road in Big Sur and nearly ran off the road!
Apparently William Randolph Hearst imported them long ago from Africa to roam around his castle with his cows.
It must have been good to be William Randolph Hearst.
These are definitely California elephant seal kids. They stole someone’s boogie board and there is no way they are giving it back! Probably ripped it off from some Southern California kid and boogied north on it. What, you didn’t know elephant seals boogie boarded? Don’t feel bad, neither did I.
Like many California kids, all they want to do is surf and sleep, and hang out at the beach.
This is exactly what I did when I was a California kid.
It’s good to…

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